Incubator Introduction

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    The whole Park construction enters a stage of rapid development,since Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd became the base of the new drug and medical devices and technology business incubator.The DIYA Park has finished the construction in 2010, and was named the“Pioneering Park for Overseas Chinese Scholars”by National Science and Technology Department and Human Resources Department.The DIYA Technology Business Incubator was identified as the provincial science and technology business incubator by Shandong Province Science and Technology Departmentin in 2011,and national technology business incubator by National Science and Technology Department in 2013.

    There have been 131 enterprises settled in the incubator,and over 75% of them are Biomedical companies.There are 4 experts getting the title of “Recruitment Program of Global Experts,7 experts getting the title of “Taishan Scholars”,and 33 experts getting the title of “Jinan 5150 Experts”.The incubator output value is1.189 billion yuan RMB in 2013.

    The DIYA Incubator is the accelerator of the comprehensive development of Jinan DIYA Industry Co.,Ltd.

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