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Russian scholars invention snowmelt automatic self-propelled device

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Source: Ministry of Science
    Russian scientists invented a self-propelled automatic snowmelt system, its main components for the solar collector, the "collector" using Irkutsk State Technical University graduate student Yuri Maduosuofu unique design.
The internal device using an independent hybrid system between the energy source can complement each other: In the case of insufficient solar energy can be used. The inventors believe that the greatest advantage of this device is its mobility. Most domestic and foreign similar equipment installed on the trailer, and the auxiliary equipment without other means of transport, can work on its own wheels.
    The efficiency of the device initially be 0.3 cubic meters per hour snowmelt. The inventors believe that with the current traditional collection - Kiyoshi way compared to transport the device will save 60% of the funds, Kiyoshi 1-2 times faster. According to the inventors estimated that the initial price of the device is about 150,000 rubles (about $ 4,285), can be widely applied to the garage townhouses, villas and municipal Kiyoshi. At present, local businesses interested in the invention.


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